BitStarz – The Best Casino Affiliate Program

If you have ever tried gambling, then you have probably heard of BitStarz. It is indisputably the best brand available at the market as it offers online betting of high quality. It is considered to be the safest site to do free online gambling.

If you want to start affiliate marketeering and thus boost your possibility of earning more money, then the best idea is to check BitStarz casino affiliates. BitStarz affiliates offer their products all over the world, including the USA.

What Are The Advantages of Joining BitStarz Affiliate Programs?

The fact that BitSatrz offers free online betting leads to so many players being appealed to subscribe and enjoy gambling. This means that a non-stoppable activity is guaranteed, which is the reason more and more people want to become an affiliate of BetStarz.

The benefits of becoming a BitStarz’ affiliate are:

  • The revenue that they offer varies from 25 %– 40 %. Speaking frankly, it is the revenue that interests the majority of the future affiliates the most;
  • BitStarz has a well-developed net which accepts bettors from all over the world, including the USA. There are very few countries which are an exception such as the UK and France;
  • Another thing that you may be interested in is if they pay on time. The answer to that question is ‘yes,' they do pay timely, and they are famous for their fast payouts;
  • Whenever you have a question, you can contact their 24/7 live chat support, and they will answer immediately;
  • BitStarz is continually improving its marketing solutions.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Becoming a BitStarz Affiliate?

As every casino affiliate program, BitStarz also has some things to work on, but they are not a lot compared to other top sites, offering affiliate programs. Here are the three disadvantages we have found out while reviewing customers comments:

  • BitStarz doesn't provide any sub-affiliate programs;
  • There are also no alternatives to the existing commission schemes;
  • BitStars are not open to customers from several countries like the UK and France.

What is Important to Know About BitStarz’ Payouts?

When you join the BitStarz casino affiliate program, you will be paid on the 5th day of every month. The way they will pay you depends on the currency of your revenue. So if your target is Bitcoin players, then you will be paid in Bitcoins.

BitSstarz provides a variety of methods of payment – like Cubits or Visa, but it is guaranteed that all of the methods are safe and very convenient for the user. Have in mind that if your balance is negative, then you won't be allowed to withdraw the money that you have earned. You will receive your commission the month afterward only if it is more than the minimum required amount.

There is a very convenient way to track your account of an affiliate – do this by accessing the information about the activities of the player you have chosen. Thus BitStarz gives you the unique opportunity of real-time account tracking.